From Humble Beginnings to Card-Matching Craze: The Story of Little Prick

In the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand, a card-matching memory game called "Little Prick" has taken root, bringing together whimsy and strategy in a compact, entertaining format. The game revolves around a wasp character, aptly named Little Prick, who leads players through a series of card-matching challenges with a humorous edge.

Casual Beginnings and Conceptualization

The inception of "Little Prick" was nothing short of spontaneous, born during a lively social gathering among friends. Si, the game's founder, first sketched the character of Little Prick on a whim, portraying the wasp with a playful and slightly irksome personality. This casual doodle sparked the idea for a card game centered around memory and association, tapping into the fun and excitement of finding matches under a veil of laughter and light-hearted competition.

As the game was introduced at parties and social events, its simplicity and engaging nature quickly made it a favorite. What started as a few hand-drawn cards soon grew in popularity, urging Si to consider its potential beyond just a party game.

Professional Development and Expansion

Recognizing the need to elevate the game's visual appeal and professionalism, Si enlisted the help of talented artists from around the globe. These artists reimagined the characters of Little Prick and his friends, infusing each card with vibrant, compelling artwork that transformed the game's aesthetic.

The development process was as dynamic as the gameplay itself. With each new batch of artwork, the vision for Little Prick expanded, leading to the creation of additional cards and more intricate rules to enhance the playing experience. The enthusiastic reception at every game night fueled Si's motivation to explore larger-scale production.

Merchandising and Broader Horizons

As the art for Little Prick matured, the concept of branded merchandise emerged as a natural progression. Clothing prototypes featuring the mischievous wasp and his entourage started to materialize, capturing the spirit and humor of the game in wearable form. This foray into merchandise not only broadened the game's reach but also cemented its identity as a brand.

With the first official version of the game in production, anticipation grew. The idea that began with a simple sketch was now on the verge of becoming a tangible product that could be shared with a wider audience. The excitement around the game's launch was palpable, with every detail from the card quality to the packaging designed to reflect the fun and creativity at the heart of Little Prick.

Community and Future Prospects

Throughout the journey from concept to product, community engagement played a pivotal role. Feedback from game nights and discussions with fellow enthusiasts helped shape the final product. Each iteration of the game incorporated new ideas that made gameplay more enjoyable and inclusive.

Looking ahead, the potential for Little Prick extends beyond just a memory game. Plans for digital versions, expansions involving new characters, and even themed events are in discussion. The goal is to build a community around the game, one that appreciates the joy of simple pleasures and good company.


Little Prick stands as a testament to the power of a good idea, the importance of community, and the boundless possibilities that creativity can unleash. From a spontaneous sketch to a fully realized game and lifestyle brand, Little Prick has evolved into a beloved part of many gatherings, promising not just a challenge for the mind but a spark for laughter and joy. As the game sets to spread across various platforms and products, it remains anchored in the fun and camaraderie that inspired its creation.

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